STEPPI in English

STEPPI project´s target group consists of all under 29 year old South Carelians who are at the risk of “slipping to the outskirts of society”, have none or very little education, are unemployed and whose need for easily attainable, low threshold coaching is not fully met with the existing services.

STEPPI project offers persistent, individual and timely support to these young people and provides them with an environment that enables them to participate in meaningful and forward minded activity.

With a new kind of coaching young people are encouraged to look for and find their own inner resources, to get to know the environment they live in and to understand the meaning of sustainable development in their own lives and in the society in whole.

STEPPI project will have functional co-operation with other organizations to enable timely, goal directed and good quality support for young people in the most challenging position.

The service developed in STEPPI project will help young people to take the first steps on a path towards education, employment and participation in society as well as full ownership of their life.

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